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Last Updated:
September 2011



Training4Work Scotland Ltd

We are professional trainers and educators with extensive experience of industry, management, education and training. Our core group of trainers are backed up by an extensive network of professional trainers and educators.

We offer businesses, public sector organisations and professional bodies a scheduled programme of learning opportunities and a brokerage service for a wider range of in-house and bespoke courses.

Our Workforce Development Programme (WDP) offers a range of ‘soft skills’ training courses and related services and has been designed to bridge the current skills gaps by providing your workforce with learning opportunities and support services targeted at the individual's areas of need.

Addressing skills gaps will allow you to maximise the ‘value added’ to your organisation by your workforce.




**All courses include Lunch and refreshments.

Contact us on 01506 883049 or 0789 603 9671